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                                        OriginalMani's Bio

Who is OriginalMani?

I am a songwriter, composer, music producer and promoter of my own music.  
If you have not heard of me, it is because I insist on keeping my artistic freedom and once you sign a big contract, the other party takes away that freedom.  Therefore I do it all on my own.

How I got into the music business?

Around the age of nine, I begin to create melodies on a hand-made string instrument. Please don't ask me what it was. It was basically a wooden box with some metal strings.

At 15 years old I discovered that I had the weird ability to compose complete songs, melody and lyrics at the same time.   Thus began my song writing career.

I fronted as a lead singer for a few bands and even had my own Miami-based band called "Full Moon".  We only played my original songs, thus the subliminal message in the name.

Due to a successful career in computers, I kept the music on the side more as a passtime but under the pressure and stern critics of my musician friends for under-utilizing my talents, I decided to start producing my own albums.  I already produced two: Magnanimous and Preparate and tow new singles called "Hola Papi" and  More recently "Fuzzy Hump".  I produce songs in English, French and Spanish.   Without much effort, they have been pleasantly successful.

Going forward

Seeing how I enjoyed success with my albums without putting much effort in the marketing and pitching side of the business,  I decided to focus appropriately on that side of it and to double my efforts to bring better and better music to my fans.

Other activities

If you want an insight on other sides of me, please check out the articles I write in my blog.  Don't forget to scroll down for the older articles.

Where to find me?

Please write me at preparate@originalmani.com